Whirlpool WHELJ1 Review

The WHELJ1 from Whirlpool is virtually maintenance free. But does convenience come at a price? Find out in our detailed review.


Whirlpool WHELJ1


User friendly operation

A lot of companies market their systems as being "low maintenance", but none except Whirlpool can claim to be "maintenance free". This whole house water filter system can be left to look after itself, and replacing filters is a thing of the past. It's effective at combating chlorine, but isn't a good fit for heavily contaminated water supplies. The WhelJ1 will do a solid job in most homes.

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Whirlpool WHELJ1

Cost: $$

Warranty: 1 year (limited 10 year warranty)

Unit Lifespan: 10 years or 1,000,000 gallons

Filter Lifespan: Same as unit

Water Flow Rate: 6 gallons per minute

Dimensions: 10.5 x 13.5 x 34 inches


The Whirlpool WHELJ1 is a whole house water filter with a difference, and goes about its job in its own unique way. Whirlpool decided that replacing filters is nothing but a nuisance, and with the WHELJ1, this is a thing of the past. In fact, this system is virtually maintenance free, and can be left to fend for itself.

It does this by using its trademark FilterSense technology which uses a filter media bed with activated carbon. Rather than replace the filters every few months, the unit’s automatic control system will flush, drain, and clean its internal filter every 14 days. In fact, if your water is particularly bad you can program the system to clean itself more frequently too. However, by flushing and cleaning, unlike other whole house water filters, this system will produce some waste water. Operating in this way also means that the filter media cannot be replaced, and after the units 10 year or 1,000,000 gallon life cycle, the system will need to be replaced in its entirety. However, as it doesn’t require filters to be replaced every few month like every other whole house system, this isn’t as expensive as it sounds.


With no filter replacement, hence no running costs (except electricity), then this works out as being a very affordable home water filtration system over its 10 year lifespan. In fact, if you work out a whole house water filter system’s average cost over 10 years (unit + filters), this makes this Whirlpool whole house water filter one of the cheapest whole house filters that we have reviewed.

There is one other thing that separates this Whirlpool water filter system from the rest, and that is that it uses electricity. Now, the impact on your bills will hardly be noticeable, but if your neighborhood was to lose power for whatever reason, then your house could be without filtered water.

It is an all in one unit, meaning it doesn’t take up much space. Whole house water filters usually need quite a lot of room, as you need plenty of space to maneuver when changing the filters. This model doesn’t need that space so can easily squeeze into a corner, or between two units. It’s a bit more attractive to look at than most other systems too, which aren’t enclosed like this is.



This Whirlpool whole house water filter specializes in the removal of sediment and chlorine from water. It does so using a charcoal media bed and screen. It has been tested to remove particles down to a size of 40 microns. This figure lags behind some competitors, which offer filtration down to 1 micron, and occasionally even further. But, if sediment and chlorine are your only concerns, then this system is well equipped to deal with them. The carbon based media will also work to improve the taste and odor of the water. If your water has high iron or hydrogen sulfide levels then some additional pre-treatment might be advisable, or the system’s lifespan will be affected. In fact, as this system has no pre-filter to protect its main filter, it wouldn’t suit water that is heavily contaminated with larger particles (like iron) as this might cause clogging. An additional filter would be a wise investment if this is an issue. For really heavily contaminated water supplies, something more robust like the iSpring WKB32B might be a better fit.

The unit uses 1″ connectors, which means that it shouldn’t create a noticeable drop in household water pressure. Those relaxing showers can still remain part of your evening wind-down.

The system is controlled electronically, and features a display screen and buttons on the top (image below).  With these controls you can control the frequency of system cleaning. Also, if there is a problem with the flow rate you can press the button for a manual clean. By default the system will flush itself every 14 days. You can make this more frequent if you have really bad water, or increase the length of time between cleans if you should desire. The whole self cleaning process lasts about 3 minutes.


Installation and Maintenance

The Whirlpool whole house water filtration system comes with almost everything you need for installation. Whirlpool say that installation is straightforward, but you will need to be pretty handy with your tools. You will also need two 1″ NPT female connectors, and some extra tubing to connect to your existing plumbing pipes. I don’t know why they can’t just include these with the unit, but at least they’re not expensive. Two important considerations for installation are that the system needs power, and also a drain. The system needs the drain for the self cleaning process, and includes enough tubing to reach a drain within 10 feet of the unit. The power cord needs a 110V supply, and the unit comes with a 10 foot power cord. The video below gives a rough idea of what will be required of you for the install. Note that the installation in the video is a little more complicated as it includes a water softener unit too.

As the system is pretty much maintenance free, there isn’t much for me to say on this note. Be careful to monitor the system over the first month or two of use and adjust the self clean frequency according to your situation. The 14 day default setting may not suit the water composition of your area. Water high in sediment will probably need a more frequent setting. The maintenance of the water filter unit is completely automated and the settings can be easily changed at the press of a button or two. The interface is intuitive and consists of just four buttons and an LCD display panel. It can be easily adjusted by even the biggest of technophobe.

Pros and Cons

CostNot effective for high iron levels
Maintenance freeUses electricity
No filters to replace
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  1. This unit is a god send to us! We were having to pay a company to come in a change our filter for RO system every 6 months @ $200 a pop….One Whirlpool WH unit is below a two time charge! Our water tastes great and our house pipes can now take a well deserved rest.

  2. My filter is 2 yrs young. When it’s time to back flush it doesn’t appear to be discharging water. Everything is plumbed inside. The unit starts & can hear the timer mechinism run for about a minute the shuts off & no more sounds. My pump doesn’t run wich tells me it’s not flushing.
    Please help!

    • It sounds like a blockage, but could be electronic related too. It’s something that only Whirlpool will be able to accurately diagnose.
      Their customer support number is 1-866-698-2538 8am-9pm EST, Monday-Friday.
      There’s also live online support at http://www.whirlpool.com/contact-us/ 8am-8pm EST.
      Sorry I can’t be more help. I hope it’s nothing serious.

  3. I have one of these units but has been sitting a while. Where can I buy the media for it to replace it.

    • Hi Harry,

      As far as I’m aware, the media cannot be replaced. Rinsing the media every couple of weeks should be enough over the lifecycle of the unit. The unit should last about 10 years on municipal water supplies.
      Why do you think it needs replaced?

      Jamie @ Water Filter Answers

  4. I actually was working on my water system one time and I hooked the water lines in reverse. I think the media went where it shouldn’t. It has also been sitting. I wanted to take it apart and clean it so the media is not in the tube.

  5. Yes it was like that for a while until I noticed it. It was putting the carbon through my water lines.

    • I wouldn’t want to make an assumption on what the problem might be from behind a computer screen.
      I’d get a plumber to look at it, or see if Whirlpool can shed any light.

      Their customer support number is 1-866-698-2538 8am-9pm EST, Monday-Friday.
      There’s also live online support at http://www.whirlpool.com/contact-us/ 8am-8pm EST.

      Good luck!

  6. We have this filter but the drain pipe outside keeps leaking water outside even when it is not in clean cycle. What could the problem be ? Thanks

  7. Is this a good choice for hard water. I am tried of water spots, scrubbing shower doors and having to replace shutoff valves under the sinks.

  8. Does the WHELJ1 whole house filter have a built-in check valve.

  9. Any one have really hard water using this? I think our water is so high in calcium deposits that the softener can’t keep up. It is maddening and now softener is in error mode once again so Calgon will be into our wallets once again. All I can think of is a whole house filter to aide the softener. I don’t know if this will even be a solution. At my wit’s end with deposits. We just went through 4 days with a clogged kitchen drain with calcium that was lodged so tightly compacted we were lucky to finally free it. Our calcium is that bad, it is a nightmare, to clean a simple dog water bowl is ridiculous. I have never experienced such hard water.

  10. how well will this reduce the iron staining in my sinks, showers and toilets?

    • Hi Nick,

      This wouldn’t deal with iron very well. This system works for treated (city) water supplies, but it’s not so effective for well water supplies (I’m assuming you have a private water supply due to the iron problem).

      Something like this Home Master model would be more suitable.

  11. How much water will run through the three minute cleaning cycle? Is it more than 5 gallons of water?

    • Hi Donald,

      I’m unsure of the answer to this. Whirlpool haven’t made a point of stating the figure, so I’d assume it’s not that economical.

      I do know that you can change the amount of time that the cleaning cycle takes and also the frequency of the cleaning cycles. These controls give you the ability to reduce the amount of water used in the process.


  12. Our water has had a funny taste the past month. It worked great before that. Our Whole house filter is about 7 years. We never changed the settings since we had it installed.
    What do you suggest we do or check?

  13. This system works great for well water, problem is, our filter is almost 10 years old. The only real drawback is it is not Wi-Fi connected like the water softener which looks identical. Having to manually initiate a purge due to sediment buildup is pain.

  14. The display board has gone out on mine and it’s less than a year old. How can I get a replacement?

  15. My filter will not recharge just keep indicating recharge now. any comments please.

  16. Just moved into a home with the whirlpool central water filtration system and the previous owner didn’t use it because of the noise, not sure how old the system is or how many cycles it has on the filters, the SN is WHELJ16-1020001340, where can I find info on how to use the system and know if it is working om

  17. Does anybody know if this unit treats hard water also

  18. Does this filter also remove Chloramine?

  19. Need Help….Does anyone having issue with setting up digital clock?.
    I have Power reset few time but still the message still coming blinking VAC.
    Went through the Manuel and nothing about Trouble Shoot.



  20. tried to initiate the purge cycle and CAR showed on display. don’t have OEM manual so not sure what this means?

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