A S’Well Water Bottle May Be Exactly What You’re Missing, Here’s Why!

By some estimates, three-quarters of people in the U.S. are regularly dehydrated. A good water bottle provides the key to combatting dehydration. But to decide if a trendy S’well water bottle is the best choice for you, you need a complete S’well water bottle review.

These sleek, stylish water bottles have taken over store shelves and eCommerce shopping carts in the past few years. You can recognize them by their minimalist shapes and modern colors and patterns. But you may wonder if their popularity is all hype, or if a S’well water bottle is really worth the high cost.

A thorough S’well water bottle review will help you make your decision, so you can combat dehydration in style.

The S’well Water Bottle: What You Need to Know

It’s impossible to read a S’well water bottle review without noticing the primary thing that makes S’well bottles unique: they’re made of metal, rather than glass or plastic.

Sarah Kauss, the company’s founder, says she wanted to help reduce waste from plastic water bottles when she founded the brand. The stylish, geometric design and colors helped make the bottles look appealing, so people would choose them over disposable bottles.

Kauss’ idea worked well. Today, you can easily recognize S’well bottles all over the place, since their unique design has become so popular.

What Sets the S’well Water Bottle Apart?

S’well water bottles look pretty and distinctive. They come in an array of shades and patterns, but all share the same metal cap, and a sleek shape reminiscent of an old-fashioned milk bottle.

But there’s much more to these water bottles than just how they look. They’re made of food-grade steel, which resists rust, holds its shape, and maintains temperature well. This makes a S’well water bottle a durable investment that’s also great at keeping your drinks hot or cold.

One of the primary appeals of a S’well water bottle is that you can use it for much more than just water. Thanks to the insulated material, these bottles also work well for hot coffee, iced tea, and any other drink that needs to maintain a specific temperature. And, since food-grade stainless steel doesn’t leach or contaminate drinks, you can enjoy beverages of any temperature safely.

Another thing that no S’well water bottle review should fail to mention: profits from each sale go in part to help water-related charities. Consumers who buy a S’well product often like knowing that part of their money gets sent to charities like UNICEF and Lonely Whale. The places the brand well within the modern trend of “ethical consumerism.”

Of course, trying to shop ethically often poses a challenge. But S’well offers a clear-cut choice: a water bottle that’s durable and reusable to reduce waste, from a brand that regularly donates to charity. That alone places it above other water bottle brands in lots of ways.

How Much Does a S’well Water Bottle Cost?

S’well 10017-A18-06465 Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 17oz, Pink Topaz

  • Vacuum Insulated – triple-layered construction, designed to keep…
  • Superior Construction – High-Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel. BPA free and…
  • Accessories sold separately.

The S’well brand has done so well that it now offers more than one type of bottle. In addition to several shapes and sizes of water bottle, you can also buy tumblers and even food bowls from the brand. This gives consumers even more ways to reduce waste with high-quality, stylish products.

But still, most buyers opt for the classic S’well water bottle to start out with. These original bottles come in three sizes: 9 ounces, 17 ounces, and 25 ounces.

Those prices run significantly higher than your average reusable water bottle, of course.
However, S’well offers something the competitors don’t, which makes the higher price worth it for many people. These water bottles maintain temperature better and last longer than most other styles. Plus, since they have such a distinctive look, you’re also buying a way to make a statement.

You can buy a S’well water bottle on the company’s website, but you also have many other options for shopping. Amazon carries S’well bottles, sometimes at a discount from the brand’s pricing. The 17 ounce bottle has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Target offers its own branded S’well line: S’ip by S’well, with a slightly different shape. And you can even find S’well bottles at high-end stores like Sur La Table and Nordstrom, since the high-quality design appeals to luxury shoppers.

S’well Water Bottle Review: How the Competition Stacks Up

When shopping for a water bottle, you’re faced with lots of options. A S’well water bottle review isn’t complete without also comparing some of your other choices. Let’s take a look at the other top reusable water bottles on the market to see how they compare.


Nalgene Tritan Narrow Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle

  • Narrow-mouth, BPA-free water bottle made of Eastman Tritan…
  • Narrow loop top minimizes the chance of spills and never gets lost
  • BPA-free construction is impact-, odor-, and stain-resistant,

First, there’s the classic Nalgene bottle. These large plastic bottles come from a brand that originally designed shatter-proof laboratory products. Today, the water bottles remain popular for being durable, and as mentioned above, inexpensive.
They also come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, including both small- and wide-mouth designs.

Nalgene bottles use BPA-free plastic, making them safe and durable. However, they aren’t insulated, so they won’t maintain the temperature of a drink and aren’t ideal for hot drinks. They also lack the visual appeal of S’well’s sleek design. Amazon customers gave the Nalgene ATB Natural bottle 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle Wide Mouth…

  • Newly produced Hydro Flasks do not feature a registered trademark…
  • Keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours when using…
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free; 18/8 food-grade stainless steel

Hydro Flask bottles, much like S’well’s, also use food-grade stainless steel and insulation to maintain drink temperature. The brand markets mainly to the outdoorsy crowd looking for practical, sturdy bottles.

Hydro Flask bottles also cost a bit more than many reusable bottles. However, that price puts them more or less on par with S’well. When dealing with both companies, you’re buying a practical product, but you’re also buying a certain look. With S’well, that look puts you in the ranks of trendy eco-friendly consumers. With Hydro Flask, the look is associated more with the hip outdoorsy crowd.

Hydro Flask offers a product quality on par with S’well’s, but with a slightly different target market. Amazon customers rate the bottle 4.4 out of 5 stars.

S’well Water Bottle Review: Pros and Cons

Is a S’well water bottle right for you? Let’s go over the pros and cons to help you decide if this water bottle brand is the best choice.


First, the good stuff: why should a S’well water bottle review compel you to buy this brand?

  • Color and style

Historically, water bottles were never trendy items, unless you were into outdoor recreation. For the avid outdoors crowd, a Nalgene or a Hydro Flask could make a statement about the type of adventurer you were. The Nalgene user might seem low-key and practical, while the Hydro Flask user was high-tech and cutting-edge.

But for everyone else, a water bottle didn’t make a fashion statement. You used a water bottle to hydrate responsibly, not to show your fashion sense. S’well changed all of that.

The shape and design of S’well bottles speaks to the modern minimalist trend. These bottles look like they should sit on display on your desk, not get tucked away in a backpack. And the variety of colors and patterns lets you show off your individual style, too. From soft pink to turquoise blue to nature-inspired patterns of wood or marble, there’s a S’well design for everyone.

  • Portability

These lightweight, durable bottles also make it easy to pack one anywhere you go.

You can easily slide a S’well bottle into a medium-sized purse, a backpack, or a suitcase. The simple shape makes it simple to pack, and the insulated steel means you don’t need to worry about cracks or dents. You can drop a S’well bottle and it still often won’t show signs of wear.

  • Temperature control

Of course, the temperature control offers one of the main benefits of S’well bottles. Not all water bottles are also suitable for hot drinks. S’well bottles also don’t form condensation. This means you can pack a cold drink in your bag without getting anything wet.


No product is perfect, of course. Let’s close out this S’well water bottle review with the potential drawbacks.

  • High price

If you’re prone to losing water bottles, you may not want to pay the price of a S’well bottle. While they last a long time, you also stand to lose a lot of money if you misplace yours and need to buy a new one.

  • Cleaning challenges

You can’t put a S’well bottle in your dishwasher, so you’ll need to clean it by hand. However, the narrow opening means it’s hard to get inside without a specialty brush.

Is a S’well Water Bottle Worth It?

Since hydration is such a key factor in your health, everyone should have a reliable water bottle of some sort. But is S’well the best choice for you?

As this S’well water bottle review shows, the answer for most people is yes. These bottles offer a versatile design that suits many lifestyles. They look good, last forever, and work well for any beverage you could dream of taking with you. While cleaning them poses a slight challenge, it’s easy to overcome with a cleaning brush. The only time you may not want a S’well bottle is if you frequently lose your water bottles.

For style, durability, and versatility, we give the S’well water bottle 5 out of 5 stars. Would you give one a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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