NuvoH2O DPHB Water Conditioner Review

The NuvoH2O provides a remedy to limescale that traditional water softeners offer, but without the salt. Find out how effective it is in our review.


The NuvoH2O provides a remedy to limescale that traditional water softeners offer, but without the salt. Find out how effective it is in our review. NuvoH2O DPHB Cost: $$ Warranty: Lifetime warranty with 90-day money back guarantee Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 20 inches Water Flow Rate: 15…



Removes limescale

The NuvoH2O is special in that it actively reduces limescale which is already affecting your appliances, and prevents it from happening again. It won't soften your water, but it's a great salt free alternative to limescale problems.

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Cost: $$

Warranty: Lifetime warranty with 90-day money back guarantee

Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 20 inches

Water Flow Rate: 15 gallons per minute

Suitable Size Home: 1000-2000 square feet

Filter lifespan: 35,000 gallons

Similar Models: Nuvo DPMB (for bigger homes)



The NuvoH2O DPHB is a household water conditioner. It doesn’t soften the water like some articles would suggest, but simply alters the chemical composition to prevent the build up of limescale. It is not considered an official water softener because it doesn’t use salt. There are a few positives and also some drawbacks to this. The main positive being that it is much kinder to the environment, and the main negative being that it doesn’t actually give you softer water. Check out our review of the Eddy Electronic Descaler to read about more this.


The NuvoH2O DPHB is designed to prevent limescale. Nuvo claim that its system can extend the lifespan of household appliance by up to 30%. A key selling point is the fact that it will actually target and remove existing limescale deposits. Most systems may prevent it from happening, but will not help rid your pipes and appliances of pre-existing problems. By retrospectively acting like this, the Nuvo H20 can restore efficiency to household water heaters and appliance that other models can’t.


It has a compact design, and doesn’t require any electricity or extra water for cleaning. It uses a cartridge “filter” system, free of salt and easily maintained.


The NuvoH2O solves the problem of hard water in two ways:

  1. Unlike conventional water softeners it doesn’t remove the problematic minerals like calcium and magnesium. It simply prevents them from forming limescale. It binds the troublesome particles to its filter media, and stops them from binding to appliances and pipework and forming limescale. As these particles are stopped form interacting with appliances, they simply flow through the water network like normal. This scientific process is commonly known as chelation. Calcium and magnesium are important healthy minerals for us to consume, so to keep them in the water is a big positive draw of this system. An advantage that it has over conventional water softeners.
  2. It lowers the pH of the water to make it very difficult for limescale to form. The main ingredient of the filter media is citric acid. Citric acid is a weak organic acid found in food and soft drinks. Limescale thrives in alkaline water (pH of above 7), so by slightly lowering the pH and pushing it towards 7 (pH neutral) those ideal limescale conditions are removed. As the pH scale is logarithmic, even a tiny decrease makes a huge difference. For example, reducing the pH by just 0.5 decreases hydrogen ions by 50x.

The system requires no electricity or extra water. It is cartridge based with cartridges needing to be replaced after 35,000 gallons of use. Of course this figure would depend on the water conditions. With the average family of four using around 100,000 gallons of water each year, then the filter lifespan works out at around 4 months for a household of this size.


The cartridges are easily removed and replaced, and are compact in their design. The filter media of the cartridge is called CitraCharge and contains the citric acid solution. It is actually sold separately as a solution to limescale problems. It is considered an effective remedy to scale and reviews well. The filters are available to purchase on Amazon.

The NuvoH2O provides a water flow of up to 15 gallons per minute though 1 inch ports. This should result in very little drop in household water flow.

Installation & Maintenance

The NuvoH2O package includes:

  • A mounting back plate
  • Mounting bracket
  • Screws
  • Housing wrench
  • Instructions

The system doesn’t require a drain run off or any calibration so installation is pretty straight forward. The design is compact and means it won’t take up the space that large water softeners will.

The unit should be mounted on the main cold water line, and the whole process needn’t take any longer than an hour.

Filter changes are simple due to the built-in bypass system. This means no complicated additional shut-off valves need to be installed. By turning off the water supply and leaving a faucet running, you can reduce some of the water pressure to make life easier.

It should be possible for most people to install it themselves, but for others a professional plumber is only a click away.

Pros & Cons

Reduces existing limescale build upDoesn't soften water
Salt freeNot ideal for really hard water
Doesn't remove healthy minerals

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