Morton MC30 System Saver Water Softener Review

The Morton MC30 System Saver water softener has smart, money saving technology that will make your water soft and your life easy. Find out what else it can do in our detailed review.


The Morton MC30 System Saver water softener has smart, money saving technology that will make your water soft and your life easy. Find out what else it can do in our detailed review. Morton MC30 System Saver Cost: $$ Suitable Size Home: Medium to Large Suitable Water Hardness:…

Morton MC30


Great technology

The Morton MC30 is a water softener that will work well in large homes, and even those with very hard water. Clever technology means it is efficient with your resources and will use less salt. It also packs a huge 200 pound tank, meaning that once it's full it can be left to run automatically for long periods of time.

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Morton MC30 System Saver

Cost: $$

Suitable Size Home: Medium to Large

Suitable Water Hardness: Medium to very hard

Warranty: Yes, 10 years on the tank. 1 year limited

Dimensions: 17″ wide x 21″ deep x 43″ tall

Capacity: 30,000 grains

Regeneration: Meter based

Water Flow Rate: Over 11 gallons per minute



The Morton MC30 System Saver water softener has a compact single tank design. It is capable of handling the water softening needs of a large family home with really hard water. Morton are actually one of the leading brands that produce salt pellets for water softeners, and lend their knowledge to the electronic side this time. The MC30 makes use of Morton’s patented System Saver technology which sees more efficient use of detergents and soaps, saving you time and money. The 30,000 grain capacity system also uses electronic technology that “looks ahead”  to predict water consumption. By learning from your water usage patterns, it is able to predict future trends. This means the system will regenerate only at the right time, and will use less salt in the process.

The MC30 is also designed to withstand power cuts and includes an 8 hour power interruption backup. Should your home be without power, the system can still function for a limited time. The system will handle moderate amounts of ferric iron in the water, but it lacks a more refined filter for sediment. For homes with well water supplies that are high in sediment, a filter should be installed to protect the water softener. These filters are inexpensive and easily installed (see a sediment filter on Amazon). On a final note of summary, the Morton MC30 is NSF certified for hardness reduction and efficiency. This means that it has been independently tested and deemed effective in these areas.


The Morton MC30 System Saver boasts a huge 200 pound capacity salt tank. This is housed in a single unit which will take up just 1.3 square feet of floor space. The system has a 30,000 grain capacity, meaning that it can handle the needs of a large home.


Like most salt based water softeners it works on the principle of ion exchange (see image below). The hard water ions of magnesium and calcium are “swapped” for soft water sodium ions. The process takes place in the resin tank, which contains tiny beads made of material like styrene and divnylbenzene. The hard water ions are bound to the resin with sodium ions taking their place.



Eventually the resin becomes “full” with hard water ions, and a regeneration cycle needs to take place to reset the system. The regeneration process for the Morton MC30 consists of 5 cycles:

  • Brine Fill
  • Brining
  • Brine Rinse
  • Backwash
  • Fast Rinse
The regeneration process can be set automatically using the look ahead technology that this Morton water softener uses. This means the water softener will only use the minimum amount of salt needed to complete the process. It monitors the water usage of your home and knows when to regenerate and by using how much salt. Morton state that its technology can save up to 50% of salt, saving you time and money. The system can also be set to regenerate immediately and at specific times of the day.
 Morton-M30-display pic
The M30 uses an electronic control system with 4 buttons and a clear LCD display. The LCD scree isn’t backlit so make sure you use it where there is plenty of light, or have a flashlight handy. It’s not the most dynamic of interfaces, but the one touch recharge option is a nice addition which most water softeners sadly lack.

Installation & Maintenance

Aside from the water softener unit, the Morton MC30 package also included:

  • A bypass valve
  • Drain hose
  • Installation adaptors
  • Clips
  • Hose clamps
  • Adaptor elbow
  • Grommet

You’ll need some additional tubing and fittings to install it, but these can be purchased relatively little cost. The video below gives a quick summary of a typical installation of the MC30 model.

Always install a bypass valve to help with maintenance. Should there be an issue at some time then this will allow you to stop the water flow going through the unit so a problem can be identified or fixed.  Only a single bypass valve is included. If you were to need a 3-way bypass then parts can easily be purchased from your local hardware store.

The system is relatively easy to install and connects to a 3/4″pipe. It includes an adaptor if required.



Remember that the water softener will need access to a powers supply and a drain nearby. It doesn’t need much floor space, and takes up just 1.3 square feet.


Regarding maintenance, after you have programmed the water softener to regenerate according to time or usage, your only task is to make sure it is always stocked with salt pellets. The huge 200 pound capacity tank will hold 4 large bags of salt and will need little attention for months once it’s full.

The installation manual can be found here.

Pros & Cons

NSF certifiedWarranty on electronics a little short
Handles really hard water
Suitable for large homes
Efficient technology

If you have any questions about this water softener or softeners in general then please get in contact, and we’ll do our best to help.

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  1. what setting is for less salt around 20, usually mine is set at 25??need answer higher or lower in number?

    • Are you talking about the water hardness setting?

      If so, the higher the number you enter here, the harder your water is. The harder your water, the more salt the system will use.

      If you’re unsure how hard your water is, you can purchase a test kit relatively cheaply.

      This model also has a salt efficiency setting that you can turn on to use less salt. By default, it is turned off.

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