5 Benefits Of Filtering Water At Home

The healthy life advice saying you should drink eight glasses of water a day has been around for a while. It is time it got an upgrade! Tap water contains, among other things, chlorine. It helps disinfect the water and make it safe to drink, but once it comes out of your tap, do you really need to drink it? Here is why you should consider filtering water at home.

1. Better for Your Health

Installing a filter in your house to clean the water you use for washing and bathing can have unpredicted health benefits. On top of chlorine, tap water contains trace minerals and salts, which can make it leave spots on silverware, dry out your skin, and build up in your kidneys. Consider a faucet filter that you can attach to any faucet you want. It will pass the tap water through the filtering layers and remove these unwanted substances. Your skin, hair, and kidneys will thank you for the softer water, and so will your nerves when the glasses and silverware will not need an extra polish just to look decent.

2. Better for the Environment

For drinking, the alternative is buying bottled water, which often is the same tap water you have a home, filtered, and packed in a plastic bottle. There are multiple problems with bottled water in terms of the environment. The most glaring one is the bottle itself. Bottles are made of plastic, often non-reusable, and even when they are made of glass, they still need to be produced, transported, and at the end of their use (hopefully) recycled. This process creates waste and greenhouse gasses, as well as waste. But installing a pitcher water filter in your home is a quick, easy, and eco-friendly solution. You get the same water, with much less waste!

3. Better for Your Pocket

Even installing a house-wide filtering system can be more cost-effective in the long run than simply dinking and using unfiltered water. You may think otherwise, but when you factor in the cost of medical investigations and treatments, you will see that it is simply more efficient to filter your water. The cost of bottled water, that of hair and skincare products, or that of anti-calcar detergents notwithstanding. 

Nevertheless, if keeping track of your finances isn’t necessarily your forte, you can always seek help from digital apps. Financial tracking apps like Qube Money will keep all your finances in order and show you an overview of the categories of products you are spending the most money on. You will be surprised how much you can save when keeping a close eye on the products you buy monthly. Qube Money works as a digital wallet and its interface is highly user-friendly.

Finally, be aware of where your money is going as opposed to where it could go. Conscious spending can help you save money in the long run!

4. More Convenient

Even a simple filtering system, like a pitcher, can make your life so much easier. You have a nice-looking container you can leave out, as opposed to large plastic bottles, and you can refill it at any moment. House-wide filtering systems are even easier to use, you just turn on the tap and you have clean, filtered water. Skip on carrying bulky bottles and then collecting them separately! All you need is a reusable bottle for every member of your family and you’re all set! And it is so much easier to trust that the water in your pipes will not damage appliances than remember to add products that protect and clean them.

5. Social Impact

Filtering your water at home eliminates the need for plastic water bottles in your house and you contribute to environmental awareness. In a world where the responsibility for the wellbeing of our planet falls on each of us, unnecessary plastic use reflects badly on you. So does stained silverware and glassware, and dry skin, and coarse hair. Avoid all these inconveniences and raised eyebrows by simply filtering the water in your home!

Bottom Line

These are the five greatest benefits of filtering water at home. To sum up, filtered water is better for your health, your pocket, your planet, your convenience, and your social status! Overall, you have only to gain and nothing to lose if you start filtering water or if you upgrade your system to a larger-scale one!

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